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Dalila Oconor

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Dalila Oconor’s career journey is a fascinating fusion of technology and real estate. From an early age, Dalila exhibited an affinity for problem-solving and innovation, leading her to pursue a degree in Computer Science. After obtaining her Bachelor’s degree in Computer Science, Dalila worked as a software engineer for nearly a decade. Her expertise in software development, combined with a master’s in Project Management, saw her being part of successful teams in developing
software solutions.
In 2023, Dalila made a bold career pivot, inspired by the booming real estate market in Florida. She decided to leverage her tech background to apply the traditional real estate industry. Dalila completed her Master’s in Project Management and then received her real estate license. With this unique skill set, she joined to “Keller Williams Realty,” a tech-savvy real estate agency that specializes in using data analytics to match properties with buyers and sellers more effectively.
Dalila Oconor’s journey from software engineer to a trailblazing real estate entrepreneur is a testament to her versatility and adaptability, proving that the marriage of technology and real estate holds endless opportunities for the future.

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